Brief showreel of some of the work I did for Barnfonden.

Animated version of the Barnfonden logo. (The design of the logo itself is not created by me)

Selection of symbols.

Responsive templates for SoMe. 

For this project I designed responsive templates for Barnfondens social media channels, in order to make the process of social media management more efficent. I created templates in square, horizontal and vertical formats to suit Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook, templates for carousels, stories and animated text templates for video production. I also re-designed the highlight covers for Barnfondens Instagram to make the brand more visually coherent.

Layout for Barnfondens Impact Report of 2020. 

Check out the full report here

Programme layout for Barnfonden's 30th anniversary conference. 

Layout for Barnfondens gift catalogue of 2022.

Please note:

All photos used within the projects are taken by external photographers for ChildFund International.

Barnfonden’s pattern and logo is created by Neumeister and belongs to Barnfonden.
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